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The Future of travel is hybrid, sustainable and will include virtual experiences. MTA is ready to research and set new standards for adoption of emerging technologies that will benefit the long term vision for the industry.”

Lisa Gibbons, MTA Founder

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Our mission to enable the global tourism community to discover opportunities in the metaverse while protecting the natural environments of travel destinations and creating economic value that benefits both members and tourism bodies globally.

The Metaverse Tourism Association is an organization committed to the hybrid future of tourism where we explore both physical and virtual opportunities. Through our members, initiatives and strategic events we wish to explore metaverse potential and drive adoption by fostering new ways for tourism services to build communities within virtual environments.

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Our mission is to promote the growth and responsible practices of virtual tourism. We advocate for the industry and provide resources and support for professionals at all stages of their careers..

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The Future of Tourism is Hybrid

The Metaverse Tourism Association strives to provide accessibility to all. Through education and training, tourism professionals can capitalise on the vast opportunities of the metaverse to provide a wholesome tourist offering across a range of markets that are currently underserved.

MTA provides a platform for education where individual members and companies are encouraged to share knowledge, collaborate, establish standards and network.

Our purpose to be a leading voice for the virtual tourism industry where the leaders of the Metaverse and the travel industry work together to support a bright future of tourism.

The tourism industry is one of the strongest industries in the world. With continued growth comes an increasingly complex relationship with the environment. The Metaverse is a nascent industry growing at speed. Combining these two innovative industries to navigate the opportunities for a sustainable future for all travel operators is key. 

MTA aims to provide key information, smart advocacy and collaboration opportunities with all departments working towards common vision and goals. The MTA advocates for robust protection, standards and policy decisions in relation to all virtual tourism activities, including borderless data flows and reduction of barriers when it comes to digital trade between countries.  MTA provides up to date information and communications support that helps members promote the industry and both their physical and virtual services.

Lisa Gibbons


As we navigate the future of all industries it is important to consider the implications, challenges and opportunities we face. MTA is bridging the gap between technology and people in tourism.


board member

Technology providers are confident that they are providing the right solutions for the future of tourism but there is little research to follow standards for a virtual future. MTA can help to create those standards.

ercus long

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