What’s happening in the Metaverse – June 2024

Get the scoop on upcoming and recent events, including virtual expos, game releases, and community gatherings that bring virtual enthusiasts together.

The Sandbox Voice Coach Battle, Ends on June 7

In “The Voice Coach Battle” experience, you get to pick your favorite artist and guide them to victory. Tune in to season 25 of NBC’s ‘The Voice’ to see which contestant catches your eye, then cast your vote in The Sandbox for a chance to win exclusive The Voice NFTs. Return each week to vote and collect them all! Beyond the thrill of coaching, players can complete quests for a share of a 15,000 SAND prize pool and earn special memorabilia. Plus, by participating and completing the in-game form, you might win tickets to see The Voice live in select countries.

Africarare, Metaverse Marketing Webinar June 6

Join the MTA for a free virtual webinar, streamed live from Africarare Metaverse, to explore the metaverse as a dynamic marketing channel. As the digital landscape evolves, the metaverse offers vast opportunities for businesses, particularly in travel and tourism, to engage audiences and create immersive experiences. This webinar will uncover strategies for navigating the metaverse and leveraging its potential to drive growth and redefine the future of travel. It is ideal for individuals curious about emerging technologies, professionals exploring new career opportunities, entrepreneurs seeking business innovation, and educators looking to integrate metaverse concepts into their teaching.

Genesis Week Upland June 6 + 7

Genesis Week 2024 in Las Vegas offers attendees a treasure trove of rewards, including exclusive Block Explorers that symbolize exploration and innovation in the Upland community. Key highlights include the Genesis Early Bird Block Explorer, reserved for initial ticket purchasers, featuring a dazzling, sparkling bird. To claim these rewards, players must attend the event in person. Secure your tickets now to join the festivities and experience the unique offerings of Genesis Week.

Decentraland Gaming Expo, June 26 – 29

From June 26-29, Decentraland’s main plaza will host the inaugural Decentraland Game Expo (DCLGX), transforming into a neon-lit arcade showcasing the future of web3 gaming. The event will feature booths from top games in Decentraland and major gaming industry players, alongside daily live web3 discussions streamed within Decentraland and on social media. Prior to the Expo, a Game Jam with a $17,000 prize pool will challenge creators to develop games, with the top four showcased at the event. Stay updated by following @Decentraland and #DCLGX on Twitter and subscribing to the newsletter for more news and surprises.

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