MTA and Africarare announce partnership: Unlocking African Tourism potential via the Metaverse

MTA and Africarare form a partnership to enable tourism providers to discover and understand the value of metaverse. 

Before the pandemic, in 2019, there were 69.9 million international tourist arrivals to Africa (excluding Egypt and Libya). There were 7.6 million tourist arrivals to South Africa last year alone and the numbers are steadily reaching pre-pandemic levels again. 

The tourism industry is a vital contributor to the global economy, generating 5 percent of GDP, 30 percent of service exports, and supporting 235 million jobs worldwide, with approximately 1 billion international travelers annually. Despite these promising figures, Africa’s tourism sector is still in its early stages of development, facing challenges such as infrastructure and security issues. 

The Metaverse Tourism Association (MTA) is thrilled to announce a partnership with Africarare to expand the promotion and awareness of African tourism. Africarare’s Ubuntuland: a vibrant, digital Africa where culture, art, and innovation converge in the metaverse. It provides a virtual space dedicated to African heritage and innovation. Africarare builds not just a virtual environment but a hub for cultural exchange and economic opportunity.

Africarare uniquely balances honoring African traditions with embracing digital innovation by leveraging the power of AI and mixed reality. This balance ensures that digital advancement preserves cultural heritage. Africarare envisions a future where technology acts as a bridge, linking the past with the present, and fueling cultural preservation and economic growth.

The collaboration aims to enhance awareness of Africa’s rich and diverse tourism offerings as well as provide a unique virtual tourism experience for all who visit the platform. 

As part of this partnership, MTA will have a dedicated experience to provide education within the platform. This experience will be a key point of interaction for tourism professionals hoping to learn about the sector, the new economic opportunities and get a taste of the metaverse. Furthermore, it will be designed to represent the African bush. 

Commenting on this partnership, Lisa Gibbons, Founder of the Metaverse Tourism Association, said, “As soon as we met the Africarare team it was clear that education was a value held highly. We are delighted to partner with Africarare and embark on this new form of education, networking and engagement with the tourism sector. At the MTA we believe the future of travel is hybrid, this is the start of that vision and we look forward to welcoming all tourism bodies to get involved.”

“Our partnership with MTA to bring African tourism into the metaverse marks a thrilling leap forward in our mission. It embodies Africarare’s unwavering commitment to broadening the horizons of the open metaverse, while proudly showcasing the rich culture and heritage Africa holds. This is just the beginning of a transformative journey.” – Mic Mann, CEO and Co-founder, Africarare.

Recognizing this potential, many African countries have drafted strategic plans to develop the sector, with countries like Gambia, Kenya, South Africa, and Tanzania actively working towards tourism advancement. Additionally, nations like Botswana, Mauritius, Rwanda, and South Africa are focused on improving their business environment to attract tourism investment and foster economic growth.

The Metaverse Tourism Association and Africarare look forward to re-imagining and expanding the future of travel and tourism in Africa by combining the best of both worlds – real-world exploration and digital innovation. 

To learn more please get in touch with the MTA and to help shape for the hybrid future of travel please join us.